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Architecture-environment-tech partner specializing in spatial data analytics, design automation, and AI. We help organizations regenerate landscapes, build sensible cities, and design with excellence.

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Explore our core services

We leverage the extensive operability of spatial data and algorithmic design to scale socio-ecological interventions.

Spatial Data Analytics & Simulations

We harness satellite data, machine learning applications and metric-based analytics to formulate socio-ecological narratives, backed by ground truth. We're able to assess landscape character, climate resilience, flood hazards, hydrological flows, regenerative potential and much more.

Design Automation

We develop modular algorithms that automate, innovate, and scale beyond repetitive processes. Our tech approach is reliant on empathetic collaboration where we target the greatest opportunities to save time across analytic, conceptual, schematic, and detailed design phases.

AI & Generative Design

We leverage AI to streamline our analytic and automation processes, yielding hundreds of design possibilities. Our approach mirrors the efficiency of ChatGPT, ensuring optimal configurations for every project with a default programming that prioritizes greatest socio-ecological value.

Socio-Ecological Design

We specialize in ecological restoration and climate resilient strategies. Our solutions are always enriched with local traditions and underscore emergency risk preparedness in a world pressed by the climate crisis, unsustainable human consumption, and mass ecological systems collapse.

Climate Risk Assessments

We’re experts across climate risk and environmental analysis. Our assessments are designed to generate the greatest opportunities for enhancing adaptation and mitigation potentials.

Planning & Policy

We fuse data-driven metrics and contextual narratives to sculpt comprehensive policy frameworks. Our approach gives governing entities the power to enact transformative policies for people and places.

Our Mission

Project Restore is an environmental research, technology and design arm devoted to ecological landscape restoration, engaging conscious stewardship and climate resilient solutions. Our vision is a healthy living planet and consciousness human connectedness.

Mass system emergencies - flooding, droughts, wildfires, soil degradation, and species extinction require equally mass interventions.

We leverage the extensive operability of site specific data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithmic design for large scale response, guided at the core by socio-ecological ground truths. And driving meaningful policy change.

From our most majestic natural systems that are in need of critical care like Australia's 2300km Great Barrier Reef to concrete jungles that can be much more human, we operationalize sensible grounded methodologies.

To compute the visible and invisible

Through data, processing, visualization, simulation, and analysis, we understand material not exclusively as physical matter but also non-physical system flows like the climate.

To Scale Socio-Ecological Solutions & Emergency Risk Preparedness

Our custom data applications enable us to perform climate risk assessments and develop meaningful nature-based solutions at scale.

Guided by Ground Truth, Engaging the Public

We are guided by local ecological knowledge, public collective consciousness, people ownership and public education.

Generative Data Process Yields

Data Collection

Using machine learning, we are able to classify and assess landscape system typologies including terrestrial and aquatic environments.


Sample: Planting plans are specifically defined and extrapolated across wider land areas with guiding water demands, tree density coverage, and key species relationships.

Time Efficiency

Sample: 50 cross sections are automatically generated with land-use and environmental metrics.

∞ Design Iterations & Metrics

Sample: Urban design schemes are generated for an urban block with unique open space parameters and height densities using grid manipulations and point attractors. 

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Tech System Specifics

We work with satellite data, machine learning applications, and custom algorithms that we systemically tailor - replete with quantitative and qualitative metrics to meet your socio-ecological needs.

1. Defining Goals & Site Geo-Processing

Our process starts with the use of drone survey and satellite data, GIS systems and modelling engines to process high resolution terrain and built form data. We're able to generate dynamic models replete with base metrics of almost anywhere in the world.

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2. Simulation, measurement & Data Analysis

Environmental conditions like topographic and hydrological conditions are analyzed through a repository of simulations to yield socio-ecological insights. Our data driven metrics are cross-references with ground truths to validate scenarios and augment the legibility of systems.

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3. Algorithmic Design, Optimization & Insights

Our data insights enable us to follow sensible, ground connected strategies. We thoughtfully listen. Through meaningful collaboration, algorithm aided design outputs hundreds of options, with the default programming of selecting the most value-ridden configuration.

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